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There are no words to describe what you can find in this continent. An ancient culture, buddhism, hinduism, taoism.... Forbidden City, Thailand beaches, Myanmar temples, Mekong River and much more!
  • Cambodia

    Cambodia it's so special, although a beautiful country, is a nation where it's population suffered too much because of the communist dictatorship led by Pol Pot. He killed millions of people, and the population is still recovering from that trauma....
  • China

    China is the country with the highest amount of inhabitants, but more than that, it has a unique culture with thousands of years of history. You will be amazed with its palaces, buddhism, taoism, confucionism, the Forbiden City, Great Wall and more!
  • Israel

    If there is a country you can't miss that one is Israel. A Holy Land for jews, christians and muslims, where you can find one of the most countries in the world, but at the same time that knows how to combine it with middle eastern culture. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Eliat are so close but so different... you will be impressed by the Startup Nation
  • Laos

    Laos is just a beautiful country, very cheap and people are ultra kind... although the distances are long, it's worthy to visit Luang Prabang and to see the monks at the morning... other cities/towns that you may want to pass by are Vang Vieng and Vientiane, the capital city.
  • Nepal

    Nepal is one of the most impressive countries to visit for backpackers. Extremely cheap, with Buddhist and Hindu cultures and wonderful landscapes and Himalayas mountains, this is one of the most recommended destinations.
  • Thailand

    Thailand is probably the most famous destination for backpackers, everyone who wants to travel through South East Asia will visit Khao San Road in Bangkok, its amazing beaches in the South and you will also get to Pai and Chiang May for a good trek before crossing the Mekong River on your way to Laos.

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    Wat Chedi Luang (temple)

    Also called “The temple of the Great Stupa”, Wat Chedi Luang, is located almost in the centre of Chiang Mai where you will find the remains of a massive chedi that toppled in in the great earthquake of 1545. Entrance fee & opening hours The temple grounds are open daily from 6 am until 6 pm. […]

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    Luang Prabang Falls (Kuang Si Waterfalls)

    Kuang Si Falls, are one of the most popular things to do while you are staying in Luang Prabang, so just get your swim suit and just enjoy them. There are food and tourist stalls outside the waterfalls, but you can buy in advance in Luang Prabang as well. It is worth putting a whole […]

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    Luang Prabang

    Set at the confluence of two rivers that almost surround the town, and beneath a temple-topped hill, Luang Prabang in Laos, is a wonderful patchwork of traditional Lao wooden houses and hints of European architecture; reminders of when Laos was part of the French colony of Indochine. Golden-roofed wats, decorated with mosaics and murals of […]

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    Khao San Road

    If you are heading to Bangkok, you probably already heard about Khao San Road, the area where most backpackers and budget travellers prefer to stay due to the cheap accomodation alternatives you will find in there (hostels and guesthouses) and also because of the special deals that are available for backpackers to move around Thailand. […]