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Wat Saket was built outside of the former city walls in the late 18th-century in the reign of King Rama I. It served as the capital’s crematorium, and throughout the next century became the dumping ground of over 60,000 plague victims who were too poor to afford a funeral.

Wat Saket’s major feature is the Golden Mount, an artificial hill dating from the early 19th-century. A huge chedi was built on top of the hill in the reign of King Rama III, but it collapsed during the construction process as the soil was too soft to support it. King Rama V bricked in the debris and started construction on a more modest chedi that still exists today. He placed some relics inside the chedi, by some believed to be the Buddha’s teeth.

A spiral staircase of 318 steps leads from the ground to a terrace and shrine-room — the Buddha’s relics are housed in a gold-leaf-covered shrine at the centre of this area. Note that while the shrine itself is an ancient structure that creates an atmosphere worthy of respect, the area just below is more akin to a tacky fairground than one that leads to one of the nation’s most sacred sites.

Golden Mount Wat Saket from the inside

Also, the harsh way of requesting the entrance fee does little to inspire the worthy pilgrim or traveller. In short, the shrine is definitely worth including in a travel itinerary, but do not expect a quiet and respectful environment.

In the first week of November, the mount is illuminated with coloured lanterns and the compound turns into a large funfair. Entry fee: 10 baht.

Address: Boriphat Rd (Panfa Leelard Pier),

Opening times: 08:00-21:00 daily.

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