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San Pedro de Atacama is located 1,700 kilometers from Santiago de Chile and 160 km from the Argentinian border. This village is the main access point to the world’s driest desert and one of the largest, which creates truly amazing views.

 The Atacama Desert is well known for its beautiful natural formations that create significant landscapes in this place. Here you will find the clearest sky of the world or in other words the best place on the planet to see different stars in the universe. It is not a coincidence that the world’s largest telescope ALMA is located in this desert.

While the town itself is not very attractive, at the same time is the main place where you can hire different tours that depart around.

 As you can imagine this is a favorite place for tourists in general and especially for backpackers, this destination is unique in the world.

Some of the attractions in the area that you will find are :

  • Casa Incaica.
  • Piedra del Coyote
  • Termas de Puritama
  • Lagunas Cejar, Piedra, Ojos del Salar y Tebinquinche.

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