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San Diego is a neighbourhood in Bogotá, Colombia, where you have several attractions to visit:

  • Cerro de Monserrate: A true beautiful panoramic view of the city is only a funicular or transferico ride away. You can take the Funicular up and Transferico down, or vice versa. You have the option to buying one way tickets, too. You will have the most amazing views and also enjoy Colombian or French food in the two full-service restaurants at the top. There are also souvenir stalls on the weekends. Remember to bring a warm coat, because it is chilly up there. On Sunday is a very crowded place, so be ready to get into a long line. It is very important to also wear sunscreen and hat because at such a high altitude, you will burn very easily even if it is “cloudy”. This is especially true if you are going around noon. You can also hike up the stone-set path up Monserrate like the locals do without any additional costs. It takes approximately 1-1.5 hours up and approximately 45 minutes down. Remember to allot more time if you are not accustomed to being 2 miles above sea level. There have been reports of muggings, so beware when you do the climb and if you can, go at weekends when the way is much more crowded and police officers are posted every hundred meters or so. The beginning of the way up to Monserrate can be found near Los Andres university. Transmilenio station Las Aguas is conveniently located. 8,200 one way, 14,000 COP round trip (9,000 COP on Sundays). 
  • Torre Colpatria, Carrera 7 # 24 – 89. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Bogota’s tallest building and one of South America’s tallest buildings is in El Centro Internacional. The panoramic viewing deck is on the 47th and thereby uppermost floor. Viewing deck open to public only at weekends and public holidays until 5 p.m. 3,000 COP.
  • Museo Nacional, Carrera 7 No. 28-66, ☎ ”+57 1” 334-8366 ([email protected]). Tu 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM;  W,Sa: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM; Su 10AM-4PM. The National Museum is the oldest in the country and one of the oldest in the continent, built in 1823. Its fortress architecture is built in stone and brick. The plant includes arches, domes and columns forming a sort of Greek cross over which 104 prison cells are distributed, with solid wall façade. The museum houses a collection of over 20,000 pieces including works of art and objects representing different national history periods. Permanent exhibitions present archeology and ethnography samples from most antique Colombian men vestiges, 10,000 years BC, up to XX century indigenous and afro- Colombian art and culture. Founders and New Kingdom of Granada room houses rich Liberators and other Spanish authorities iconography; the round room exhibits a series of oleos synthesizing Colombia painting history. Free English tour Wed 4:00 pm. Free
  • Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (MamBo), Calle 24 No. 6-00, ☎ (571) 286 0466 / (571) 293 3109. Tue to Sa : 10AM to 5:30PM / Su 10AM to 3:30PM. Exhibits a complete collection of modern art work basically consisting of drawing, paintings, engraved work, sculpture and assembly. Houses work of Colombian masters Fernando Botero, Alejandro Obregón, Enrique Grau and Édgar Negret, among many other together with important Latin American artists pinacotheca. The moderns building, designed by architect Rogelio Salmona, achieves optimum space and natural light management. Adult : 4000 COP / Student : 2000 COP.
  • Planetario Distrital, Carrera 7 Calle 26, ☎ 334-4546 ([email protected]). Dome cinema as well as telescope observation on Friday nights. Reopened in April 2013 after renovations. Sits directly south of the Bull Fighting Arena in the La Macarena neighborhood. Beautiful roof terrace.
  • Plaza de Toros de Santamaria, Carrera 6 No. 26-50, ☎ 334-1482. Santa Maria’s bullring.

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