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Pisco Elqui, was earlier called The Union, but in 1939 the Chilean President Gabriel González Videla decides to change its name to protect the rights of the origin of the pisco from the Peruvian.

The town of Pisco Elqui has different alleys where you can walk through its quiet streets and observe the life of its various inhabitants, many of them artisans or therapists who use esoteric techniques.

In Pisco Elqui, the largest meeting point for people is the local square where the church is located, it is possible to observe especially on weekends that people will talk, listen to a troubadour singing or you can go and just sit and enjoy the movement of the square. Also in Pisco, you can find a small handicraft market, several restaurants and small pubs and all kinds of travel agencies where they sell tours or therapies (massage, reiki, chakra alignment, etc.).

The imposing church that it is possible to observe in a side of the square and divisible for almost all people in town, is the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, and was built between 1910 and 1922.

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