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The Perito Moreno Glacier, together with twelve other glaciers it is part of one of the largest sliding masses of ice and snow in Los Glaciares National Park. This glacier, having a front wall of 5 Km long, is 60 m high above Lake Argentino and it is in the middle of its way forward.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of only three Patagonian glaciers that is growing. The reason remains debated by glaciologists. 

If you visit this place you may witness one of the most incredible events in nature. At any time during the year, chunks of ice can constantly be seen collapse and shatter into multiple floes. It can be reached from El Calafate, 80 Km away, where a lake itinerary can also be taken to 50 Km long Upsala glacier; Onelli and Agassiz glaciers can be seen after a 1.5 Km walk through forests of low deciduous beeches and ñires starting at the Onelli Bay.

The Perito Moreno Glacier can be watched from footbridges right in front of it, or from trip boats that come close to its walls. Going inside the glacier is an unforgettable experience, as well as taking walks on it and into the moraine, exploring caverns, drains and ice caves.

Perito Moreno Glacier

How to get there

By air

Regular flights from Buenos Aires to El Calafate International Airport in El Calafate, few kilometers far from this town. Another option from Buenos Aires is International Airport in Río Gallegos (320 Km far from El Calafate). From there, bus lines or taxis to El Calafate through paved route.

By Bus

From Buenos Aires to Río Gallegos by NR N° 3. From there regular lines to El Calafate.

If you are travelling from Chile, you can take a bus to El Calafate from Puerto Natales.

Perito Moreno in Argentina

What to do

Those who love freedom and being in contact with nature, have the opportunity of making a lot of free trekking inside the National Park, specially in El Chaltén, or the unique experience of walking on glaciers with the help of mountain guides. Before starting, choose a trip according with your capacity.

Walk on the Perito Moreno glacier

As sailing near the glacier offers an unique visual perspective, to experience walking on Perito Moreno glacier (minitrekking) is outstanding. Once the Rico branch is crossed, the walk through the woods starts, at the end of the way, crampons are given to be put on. Once this task is complete, small groups escorted by specialized guides start a walk of around two hours among great ice peaks, towers, turquoise blue cracks and small lagoons. It is an easy walk, recommended for ages between 10 to 60 years old. It is also important to take sport shoes, if possible trekking shoes, thick socks, long trousers, jacket, sweater, sun glasses, sun block, gloves and hat. This tour can be hired from one of the tourist agencies in El Calafate.

El Chaltén & Lago del Desierto

On the northern extreme of the park, the granite peaks, lakes, woods and glaciers become all together one of the most extraordinary places of the world. The highest mountains are Mt. Fitz Roy (3405m) and Mt. Torre (3102 m). In this scenario, the small village of El Chaltén, gives shelter to the climbers and trekkers of all around the world.

Nowadays it has a population of about 300 inhabitants, and an increasing offer in touristic services.

Also is possible walking on the Torre glacier.

IMPORTANT: Let the Ranger know about your trip and always take the Trekking / Climbing registry. During the walk, never leave the trail and do not try to make shortcuts. Unfortunately, there have been many casualties because of people who don’t follow the instructions.

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You can find more information at the Argentinian Government website.

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