How to get to and from Santiago de Chile airport (SCL)

Every traveler that arrives to Santiago by air lands in Arturo Merino Benitez airport (SCL), unfortunately it is not located in the city itself, but 17 kilometers away from Santiago downtown, thus it’s necessary to look for transportation alternatives. Currently the subway network (Metro) doesn’t reach the airport, so the transportation alternatives are 3: Bus & Metro, shared taxi (shuttle) and private taxi.

Private taxis and shuttles you can pay at the airport with credit card and they have fixed prices depending on the neighborhood you are going to. But bus and Metro (subway) you have to pay them with cash and in Chilean currency (Chilean peso), that’s why it’s suggested to change some money at the airport, but not all of it because the change is not the better one.

Bus & Metro (cheapest option)

centropuerto-11   metro linea 1

Metro system works pretty good it’s cheap and fast. The problem is that it doesn’t make it to the airport, that is why it is necessary to get first to a Metro station belonging to line 1 (red one) by bus, and then to ride the subway, however this is the cheapest way to get to the city (about $2.500 CLP or $4 USD all together).

Buses from the airport to the Metro: You can take the buses that belong to Centropuerto, generally they work from 6:00 until 23:00 hrs. A similar alternative that provides the same service is Turbus, their services start at 5:00 hrs though. You can check the exact schedule in their websites. Once in the Metro, it’s easy to move around, line 1 is the one that reaches the main zones: Santiago Centro, Providencia and Las Condes (take a look to the Metro map)

From Pajaritos station it’s possible to take buses to Viña del Mar/Valparaíso (if you pay roundtrip it will be cheaper).

Shuttle (shared taxi)

This is the preferred option if you are traveling with more luggage but you don’t want to spend more money in a private taxi, or if you arrive late and you want a service to the hostel door.

Shared taxis are shuttle buses that carry a minimum of 3 passengers (maximum 6 aprox.), and they bring them all to their places, generally they divide these taxis by neighborhood but maybe you will be the last stop so it’s not necessarily a fast method, but it’s commonly used by the Chileans and these companies provide a very good service. You can reserve them directly at the international terminal exit or in the desks available there. They cost about $7.400 CLP or $15 USD. (cheapest) (most expensive).

Private taxi

taxi aeropuerto

Although it could be the most expensive option, if you are a group of 3 people that are going to the same place, it is worthier than taking a shuttle bus or may be that the difference will be small and you’ll save time because you won’t need to pass through other passengers stops.

Taxis can be hired at the desks in the international terminal exits, it is suggested to ask and to compare prices.

One of the companies that offers this service is “Taxi Oficial”

Price list according to neighborhood:

Las Condes $20.000 CLP ($36 USD)
Santiago Centro $17.000 CLP ($31 USD)
Providencia $19.000 CLP ($34 USD)
Viña / Valparaíso $89.000 CLP ($160 USD)

Additional taxi companies:


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